apology ! #2

•November 6, 2011 • Leave a Comment

so i am verry sorry i havent put up a blog in about, uhm two months ? but i have a good reason i promise !!! school is so overwhelming right now, im working as hard as i can on my school work, and thats #1 priority. but things are easier now, so i will be able to start blogging again. yay ! well im working on a lyric video for my youtube channel, its Fix Me by 10 years, wrote a blog about it a while ago. im gonna start making lyric videos for every blog. so look for it.


apology !!!!!!!!!

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im sorry i havent put up a blog in like four weeks, but my computer crashed and i had no way to write it. so please bare with me here. i doubt i will do every single one i missed. but i will most definatly write one tomorrow before i leave for the lake. <— also this weekend i wont be writing one cause i will be at the lake with one of my friends. sorry. so look out for tomorrows !

You Are Not Alone

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By the wonderful Michael Jackson (R.I.P.) It’s a beautiful song about a boy and a girl who are separated but the boy is telling her that no matter how far apart they are he’s still there for her. It’s a great romantic song. I would dance to it at my wedding =) Give me some Feedback please. Tell me what you think of the song.

Ol’ Red

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This country song is by Blake Shelton. It’s about a man who catches his wife with another man, and he pretty much kills the other guy so he’s sent to prison. There he takes care of the wardens dog. He comes up with a plan to get a girl dog so he can run away with out worrieing about Red the dog catching him. And he gets away ! YAY ! If you have never heard this song, you should check it out. If you don’t like country, well guess your SOT. haahaa.

p.s. sorry i didnt put a blog up yesterday it was a bad day for me. im not gonna make this one up. sorry.

She Will Be Loved

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This beautiful song is by Maroon 5. I really like this song for the simple fact that it makes me feel special. Like someone will truly love me one day, and i look forward to that day. It’s about a girl who is always getting hurt and never truly loved. I’m in the exact same situatuon. But it says that she WILL be loved, no matter what. So that gives me hope that someday i will be loved my someone who truly cares for me and is there for me. Not just there to hurt me and use me. If any one is feeling like there not loved and no one cares, listen to this song. It will make you feel better. I promise. Now A LOT of people have heard this song, but if by some chance that you haven’t. You need to check it out. I cried the first time i listend to it and i was like 6, so if that shows you how moving the song is. Give me some Feedback about the song. What do you like about it ? Does it move you ? ¬†How does it make you feel ? Tell me what you think about the song, and even the band.

I’m Just a Baby

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Haahaa. Well this isn’t a…..real ? song. It’s a parody of Justin Bieber’s Baby. Now don’t get me wrong. I like the kidd. He’s got a good style and i love his songs. But you have to admit the parody’s these people come up with are classic. This parody is by Dave Days. He’s amazing, check his channel out on youtube. But this Parody is pretty much about being a little kidd. And all he wants is a girlfriend/wife. It’s a great song to get a laugh out of. Check it out, i laughed my butt off when i first heard it. Tell me what you think about it. Do you like Justin Bieber ? Do you hate him ? Do you love the parody’s people make of his songs ? What is your favorite one ? Give me some Feedback.

Fix Me

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This great song is by the band 10 Years. It’s pretty much saying i’m fine with my life. I like how i am and how i live MY life, don’t try to fix me. Cause i’m not going to change. I really like this song because it pretty much describes how i feel about that situation. I’m compleatly random and crazy and stupid for the most part, and there are times where i just wanna be alone and think to myself. But i’m me, and i’m always going to be me. No one is going to change the way i am or how i act. So don’t think you can. If you are a little different and people are pestering you about it. Tell them to lay off. You don’t have to change for anyone but yourself. If you want to. Be yourself and don’t try to be someone your not. I promise your life will be way better if you just keep your head up and don’t let anyone get to you. Listen to this song over and over again if you don’t believe me. It will send you a message you never heard before. It did for me, and now i’m compleatly different. I’m happier, and everyone deserves to be happy. So if you have never heard this song, go look it up now. Cause its great, trust me. Give me some Feedback. Tell me what your opinion of the song is. Do you like it ?Does it speak to you ?

P.S. Sorry i didn’t put this up yesterday. I had a lot of stuff to do yesterday and i compleatly forgot about it. Sorry. So today i will put up two blogs to make up for missing yesterday.