Let You Down

This song is sung by my most favorite band in the whole wide wolrd, Three Days Grace. It’s from the self titled album Three Days Grace, which is amazong by the way. To me the meaning of this song is he’s pretty much going to let ‘you’ into his life, let you know him, and when you open up to him and have your full trust in him, he’s pretty much gonna screw it up. Like most guys do. You give them your heart hoping to get there’s back and all you get is well, your heart broken. If you haven’t heard this song you need to check it out. It’s great and one of my favorites, though what am i kidding ? Every single Three Days Grace Song is my favorite =) Tell me what you think about this song. Whats your oppinion of it ? Do you like Three Days Grace ? If so, whats your favorite song by them ?

Adam Wade Gontier 4 Ever ❤


~ by mirandasmusicblog on August 8, 2011.

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