Shots ! XD

This wonderful song is by the lovely band LMFAO. This song as a really big meaning to it for me, not only is it a song i love to dance like a retard to, but this is me and my best friends song. Were each others Shots Freaks. The meaning of this song is pretty much, well, drinking and partying. Lol. If you don’t know this song you need to look it up. Like right now. It’s a great party song. You may know LMFAO from there very hit song Party Rock Anthem. Which is a great song, but credit should aslo be givin to some ove there other songs too. Check them out ! Tell me what you think of them. #Feedback =)



~ by mirandasmusicblog on August 9, 2011.

One Response to “Shots ! XD”

  1. I know i did two in one day. I did’t remember i did the other one. but i guess this one makes up for the 4th wich is when i didn’t do one. I wasnt home so i appolagize for that too.

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