Fix Me

This great song is by the band 10 Years. It’s pretty much saying i’m fine with my life. I like how i am and how i live MY life, don’t try to fix me. Cause i’m not going to change. I really like this song because it pretty much describes how i feel about that situation. I’m compleatly random and crazy and stupid for the most part, and there are times where i just wanna be alone and think to myself. But i’m me, and i’m always going to be me. No one is going to change the way i am or how i act. So don’t think you can. If you are a little different and people are pestering you about it. Tell them to lay off. You don’t have to change for anyone but yourself. If you want to. Be yourself and don’t try to be someone your not. I promise your life will be way better if you just keep your head up and don’t let anyone get to you. Listen to this song over and over again if you don’t believe me. It will send you a message you never heard before. It did for me, and now i’m compleatly different. I’m happier, and everyone deserves to be happy. So if you have never heard this song, go look it up now. Cause its great, trust me. Give me some Feedback. Tell me what your opinion of the song is. Do you like it ?Does it speak to you ?

P.S. Sorry i didn’t put this up yesterday. I had a lot of stuff to do yesterday and i compleatly forgot about it. Sorry. So today i will put up two blogs to make up for missing yesterday.


~ by mirandasmusicblog on August 14, 2011.

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