Tears Don’t Fall

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This song by the amazing metal band Bullet For My Valentine. It’s really funny cause at the beginning of this year i used to fall asleep to there music, all screaming and what not. Pretty funny huh ? lol. Well i really like this song, it was the first song i ever heard from BFMV. After it i automaticly fell in love with them. I just love there style. If you watch the video it explains it more, but pretty much what the song is about the guy was cheating and his girlfriend found out about it, and it made him feel realy guilty about it cause he knows hes the one that was causing her pain and tears. It’s a great song to rock out to ! So tell me what you think about the song. Do you like BFMV ? Wich one of there songs is your favorite. This one and a couple others are mine. give me some Feedback.


Gone Forever

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Again a song from Three Days Grace. (i promise i just randomly pick these, not by choice) This song is a great break up song. Pretty much he’s saying he doesnt need her in his life, shes gone forever and hes pretty happy about it. He can go on with his life and he’s gonna do things that he didn’t do with her. I really love this song because i listend to it when me and my ex broke up (i know i mention him a lot), i realize now that i have a better life without him and i don’t need him in my life to have a good time. I can have fun with friends. So Do you like this song ? Do you have any storys about it you would like to share ? Feedback please.


Adam Wayde Gontier 4 Ever

P.S. it’s really funny because i have my Itunes on shuffle wich is how i choose the songs, and after Gone Forever came on another I Don’t Care by Three Days Grace and Apocalyptica came on right after it. WoooHooo Go Three Days Grace !

Shots ! XD

•August 9, 2011 • 1 Comment

This wonderful song is by the lovely band LMFAO. This song as a really big meaning to it for me, not only is it a song i love to dance like a retard to, but this is me and my best friends song. Were each others Shots Freaks. The meaning of this song is pretty much, well, drinking and partying. Lol. If you don’t know this song you need to look it up. Like right now. It’s a great party song. You may know LMFAO from there very hit song Party Rock Anthem. Which is a great song, but credit should aslo be givin to some ove there other songs too. Check them out ! Tell me what you think of them. #Feedback =)


The Reason

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This beautiful, lovely song is by the band with the name that cracks me up everytime i hear it, Hoobastank XD lol. I really like this song, this is one of those i wish my ex boyfriend would say to me songs. Even though they don’t happen. Pretty much the song is about the guy screwing up big time, but he realized it and want’s to make everything better and the reason he changed into a better person is the girl. Like the girl is his intier world and he would do anything for her, like change his ways. So tell me what you think about this song. Do you like it ? Does it bring the same meaning to you whenever you listen to it ? Give me some feedback please.

Let You Down

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This song is sung by my most favorite band in the whole wide wolrd, Three Days Grace. It’s from the self titled album Three Days Grace, which is amazong by the way. To me the meaning of this song is he’s pretty much going to let ‘you’ into his life, let you know him, and when you open up to him and have your full trust in him, he’s pretty much gonna screw it up. Like most guys do. You give them your heart hoping to get there’s back and all you get is well, your heart broken. If you haven’t heard this song you need to check it out. It’s great and one of my favorites, though what am i kidding ? Every single Three Days Grace Song is my favorite =) Tell me what you think about this song. Whats your oppinion of it ? Do you like Three Days Grace ? If so, whats your favorite song by them ?

Adam Wade Gontier 4 Ever ❤

Watching Airplanes

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This song is by Gary Allan. I really like this song, it has a big meaning for me. I went to Floriday the beggining of June, the day before i left my boyfriend broke up with me. The whole time i was on the plane i was hoping this is what he was feeling. I like to sing this song with a realy strong country acent. It’s loads of fun =) try it sometime. This song is pretty much talking about someone leaving you and all you want is for them to come back. Thats my oppinion of it. Havn’t heard it ? look it up, it’s an amazing song i promise you. Tell me what you think of the song ?


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Suzanne is sung by Journey. Great classic band that pretty much everyone knows, and loves. This is in my top favorite songs by Journey. It pretty musch means to me, that hes in love with a girl who does’t want him back, i went through that once, it was really hard. But i just think of all the good times we have and leave it at that. Speaking of Journey, i just saw them tonight in concert. They were absolutly amazing. I loved it ! Though they didn’t sing Suzanne they sung a lot of song i do like, and there finaly was…well what else besides Don’t Stop Believing. it was awsome. They had special guest Night Ranger, and Foreigner. They were awsome. I had a great time. If you don’t know who Journey is…well 1 you need shot. and 2 go check them out ! you will love them. Tell me what you guys think of Journey, whats your favorite song by them ?